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【Forwarded Message】 Pandemic Measures and the Distribution of Rapid Test Kits 調整防疫匡列相關措施及快篩劑發放方式

Message forwarded from the NTU Epidemic Prevention Team (2022.05.09) **Chinese version follows English version. 中文版在後。**     In accordance with the latest announcements of Central Epidemic Command Center […]

Report to CE Contacts and “NTU Website for Disease Control” if confirmed

We want to promptly track the spread of COVID-19 in our department to strengthen COVID-19 prevention measures. When you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, are tested positive on […]

Tips for Application to Master’s Program Abroad (2022.04.26)

Since many students are planning to study abroad after graduating from NTU, two senior Civil Engineering students will share their application and study abroad experience. Though this […]

Job Hunting #2: My Internship in the Netherlands (2022.04.28)

Dear CE students and professors, To prepare students for the job market, our Department is launching a series of Job-Hunting Experience Sharing workshops and inviting CE […]