University Requirements

To apply for admission to NTU as an international degree student, regardless of the study degree, one should apply through the Office of International Affairs (OIA). The eligibility, application requirements, tuition & fees information, scholarships, accommodation for international students, and so on, could be found on the OIA website under “study.” Those who are interested in the Program(s) are strongly encouraged to visit the OIA website before submitting the application for international admission.

Program Requirements

The Department of Civil Engineering offers 2 tracks of undergraduate programs for all international students. Both of them share the same curriculum; only the mediums of instruction are different: one is taught mainly in Chinese, the other is a full English-Taught Program.

The Graduate Programs are arranged into 7 disciplines. For applicants who are still in search of the choice of research topic(s) or advisor(s) in the Graduate studies, you are advised to visit the website, contact the professor(s) whose fields of study suit your interest or your needs, and make your decision accordingly.

Different application requirements for the programs are as shown below:

Undergraduate English-Taught Program:

Courses within the Undergraduate English-Taught Program are all English-conducted. No proficiency of Chinese is required.

Undergraduate Program:

The Undergraduate Program offers courses conducted in Chinese for students who possess the required language abilities.

Master’s Programs:

The Department offers 7 Master’s Programs in Geotechnical, Structural, Hydraulic, Transportation, Construction Management, Computer-Aided, and Surveying & Geospatial Engineering fields.

Ph.D. Program:

NTU Civil Engineering offers 1 Ph.D. Program that comprises 8 areas of interdisciplinary studies and research.

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