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【Forwarded Message】 Course Online Selection Begins on August 17, 2022 / 8月17日開始網路選課

【Message Forwarded from the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Division 教務處註冊處公告】  (Chinese version follows the English one. 中文版在英文版之後。) Dear students, (Disregard this letter if you are EMBA, PMBA, PMLBA or PMBM students […]

PhD Scholarships offered by the University of Canterbury, New Zealand

UC has one of the best engineering schools in the World. New Zealand offers its visitors a plethora of opportunities for life-work balance including hard-to-match outdoor […]

Travel Abroad Declaration and Application (110-2/2022 Spring Semester)

【Amended on June 7, 2022】 Dear all, Hope you have already received the updates either from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) or the Overseas Students Advising Division, […]

【Job Experience Sharing #3】Internship in Taiwan: from Interview Stage to Actual Work (2022.05.26)