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【Honors】2019 Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Paper Award (led by Prof. Ming-Lang LIN)


【Seminar Announcement】Arizona State University – Seminar and Info Session

Prof. Patrick Phelan of Arizona State University will give a seminar next Tuesday and introduce ASU to NTU students. Attached please find the abstract of the […]

Job Opportunity: AECOM Southeast Asia (based in Singapore)

1. AECOM Southeast Asia (based in Singapore) is looking for Reality Capture Specialist. For job description, please read the attachment. 2. Visit for company information. […]

NTUCE Vietnam Internship Program 2019/2020

Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering National Taiwan University Vietnam Internship Program 2019/2020 Who: 5 undergraduate and graduate CE students What: In cooperation with Ho […]