【Forwarded Message】 Pandemic Measures and the Distribution of Rapid Test Kits 調整防疫匡列相關措施及快篩劑發放方式

Message forwarded from the NTU Epidemic Prevention Team (2022.05.09) **Chinese version follows English version. 中文版在後。**     In accordance with the latest announcements of Central Epidemic Command Center […]

Report to CE Contacts and “NTU Website for Disease Control” if confirmed

We want to promptly track the spread of COVID-19 in our department to strengthen COVID-19 prevention measures. When you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, are tested positive on […]

【Forwarded Message】Vaccination leave and absence due to COVID-19 Prevention

Message forwarded from the Student Assistance Division, Office of Student Affairs. **Chinese version follows English version. 中文版在後。** In order to strengthen campus epidemic prevention and to comply with the […]

NTUCE Pandemic Restrictions in March 2022

Starting from March, pandemic prevention measures are relaxed by the Central Epidemic Command Center. However, real-name registration and taking temperature remain strictly required, as shown in […]