NTU Civil Engineering will equip students with the fundamental skills needed to succeed as an engineer in today’s complex and fast changing society. Grounded in science and engineering, we understand the world, invent, and lead with creative design. Four years of training will contain theoretical proficiency and hands-on practices.

Full English Track

Do not worry coming to Taiwan and NTU without the ability of speaking Chinese! Starting from 2019, we are offering two tracks: Chinese track and full English-taught tracks. Both tracks welcome and take international students. Students without Chinese proficiency are welcome to take the full English track.

Education Goals

NTU Civil Engineering Department assist students to obtain a thorough grounding in the foundational knowledge of the profession. In addition to the pursuit of rigorous education, cultivating students’ abilities in leadership, project execution, ability to conduct research, and the spirit of public service are our priorities.

Department of Civil Engineering
National Taiwan University

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