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Social Life

NTUCE Student Association (NTUCESA)

Welcome to the big family – NTUCE! NTUCESA is run by a group of enthusiastic undergraduate students who care not only about academic learning but also social life of every student. Some exciting activities held by the NTUCESA include:

  • NTUCE Welcome Party
  • BBQ Party on Moon Festival and Tang Yuan on Winter Solstice
  • CE’s Week and CE’s Night

NTUCESA encourages all to have fun and make friends in these activities. To start this journey, click on the link to join the NTUCESA’s private group on Facebook:

Student Clubs and Activities

NTU has nearly 450 student-run organizations and clubs of various types, for example, physical training, performing arts, entertainment, social services, and many more. To find out more, please check this website:

In addition, CE students are also very active in certain sports. Basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, just to name a few. You are welcome to join the teams. Just ask any CE student, and we will help you connect with them!


NTU Libraries

All students are able to enter/access libraries in NTU with a valid NTU student ID card. Two of the most visited libraries for CE students are:

1. The Main Library

Located at the end of NTU’s well-known Royal Palm Boulevard, the Main Library is the largest university library in Taiwan. Services provided by the library include:

  • Lending Books/Materials
  • Photocopy, Printing, and Scanning
  • 24/7 Study Room

For more information, please visit the website of the Main Library:

2.The Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library

Although the library is affiliated with the College of Social Sciences, it is also popular among CE students due to its beautiful architectural structure and space. For information on opening hours, please visit the website of the Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library:

The Center of Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD)

The CTLD is a service-oriented center which aims at improving NTU’s overall teaching and learning quality by creating an innovative and lively environment, the Learning Commons, one located on B1 floor of the Main Library and the other on the 4th floor of the Liberal Education Classroom Building. Services provided by the CTLD include:

  • Individual Learning Consultation
  • Study Group Project
  • Learning Strategy Workshop

For more information, please visit the website of the CTLD:

Computer and Information Networking Center (C&INC)

The C&INC hosts the e-university center, a computing center, the university’s information center, and the networking center. The services provided by C&INC such as myNTU portal, NTU Mail, and CEIBA are critical to the daily lives of NTU students, staff, and faculty. The Center also offers:

  • Computer Classrooms
  • Download of Licensed Software
  • Poster Printing Service

For more information, please visit the website of the C&INC:


NTU Health Center

NTU Health Center is located on the main campus’ Royal Palm Boulevard near the Main Library. The Center provides medical services of various specialties, including family medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology, gynecology, dentistry, and psychiatry. NTU students, staff, and faculty can register on-site, online, or via phone to use the services provided by the Health Center. For office/clinic hours and other information, please visit the NTU Health Center website:

Student Counseling Center

Located at the Hall of Joy and Hope, near the Gongguan Metro Station, the Student Counseling Center is committed to taking care of each student’s mental health in a variety of ways. It offers

  • Individual/Group Counseling
  • Workshops
  • Mental Health Surveys and Psychological Assessments

To make an appointment, simply visit the Counseling Center or sign up online. All services are for free, and consultation with an English-speaking counselor is available. Link:

Sports Center

For CE students, the most convenient gyms are the NTU Sports Center and the Taipei Da-An Sports Center. NTU Sports Center is located on the main campus, whereas Da-An Sports Center is near the Civil Engineering Research Building. To use facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool, and squash court, certain amount of fees will be charged.
1.NTU Sports Center:
2.Taipei Da-An Sports Center:


Shuttle Bus Service

The University hires rental shuttle buses to provide convenient transportation services for faculty and students to travel between NTU campuses (ie. Main Campus, College of Social Sciences, and College of Medicine), and from NTU Main Campus to the Academia Sinica. You can get a free ride simply by showing your NTU ID cards to the bus driver. Please download the latest version of the NTU Shuttle Bus Schedule from


Bicycles are essential for almost all students at NTU. Therefore, it is important to understand the NTU bike culture and follow the parking rules. Students must attach bicycle identification stickers to their bicycles to prevent them from being lost after being towed due to illegal parking. In addition, always remember to lock your bike to prevent it from being stolen. To apply for the identification sticker, please visit the website:

Campus Map

For locations of buildings and facilities, please read the NTU campus map:

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