Current Student FAQ

Current Student FAQ: International Degree & Overseas Chinese Students

General Information

  1. NTU Mail: Please don’t ignore messages sent by the OIA. Please read your NTU mail more frequently and carefully, as you may find important announcements now and then, from time to time.
  2. Work Permit: International Degree Students who wish to apply for the Work Permit, please refer to the OIA’s website at After submitting the Work Permit application online, please inform Ms. Tzu-Yu (Nina) CHEN at Overseas Chinese Students, please inform the Overseas Student Advising Division (學務處僑生及陸生輔導組).
  3. Quarantine Fund: The Government subsidy might still be available to new incoming students. The information is posted at Please apply by yourselves. No Quarantine Fund is available from the Department of Civil Engineering.
  4. CE Professors Emails: You can find Civil Engineering Professors’ information on our website at → People → All Faculty Members
  5. ARC: To renew your ARC before your tuition fees are fully paid off, please go to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), use the vending machine in front of the Office to apply for the “Certificate of Continuing Enrollment” and “Certificate of Expected Graduation,” and get the above-mentioned documents from the OAA’s counter. With these supplemental documents, you should be able to renew the ARC.
  6. Leave-Taking: If you are not able to attend a class, you need to file an application through myNTU for taking a leave & write an email to the course instructor. Please apply well in advance! (myNTU → NTU Life Information → Student Leave)
  7. myNTU (E-Portfolio & Personal Information of Advisee): Please update your Taiwan cellphone number, mailing address, and at least one Taiwan emergency contact.
  8. Prayer Room: To use the 3 Prayer Rooms in NTU, please join the Facebook group 台大伊斯蘭和平社, and apply for access to the Prayer Rooms at
  9. Laptop Model: As long as your laptop can run the Autodesk Revit, it is good enough.
  10. 2022/2023 Guidebook for International Degree Students: Provided by NTU Office at (Before Arrival → Step 3).
  11. Academic Calendar:
  12. Direct-Entry Doctoral Degree Programs: Current master’s students having completed at least one semester of study may, with the recommendation of two professors from their associated academic program, apply for entry into a direct-entry doctoral degree program (“direct-entry Ph.D. program”). Regulations Governing Direct-Entry Doctoral Degree Programs and 國立臺灣大學學生逕行修讀博士學位辦法 could be found at the Office of Academic Affairs website.

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Course Selection Regulations (Promulgated on January 9, 2020):
    國立臺灣大學學生選課辦法 (110.06.24發布):
  1. Course Selection Guide (provided by OIA):
  2. Course Selection Tips: You have many required courses to take in Year 1. Please fill your timetable with the required courses first, because they will help you to build the necessary foundations for the following Civil Engineering courses. If you have more time and energy, you can then take some elective courses and so on.
  3. CE Course List: For an overview of courses for undergraduate programs, please visit
  4. Pre-requisite: At NTUCE, only 1 course throughout the 4-year program has a pre-requisite: you need to pass Calculus 1 & 2 before taking Engineering Math II.
  5. Chinese Courses:
    • If you have taken the Chinese language courses for 2 consecutive semesters, you are done with the Chinese courses.
    • CE Department has filed special permission to enroll our international students to take “Chinese for International Students” instead. Do not drop the course as you wish.
    • General Chinese courses for international students are pre-assigned courses for freshmen, and the classes are usually full. Once you withdrew from the “guaranteed” courses, they can hardly be added in. This year, all classes are already out of capacity to take new students. Thus, for Civil Engineering sophomore students, we will take a survey next semester (Spring 2023) and help them to enroll in one of the Chinese classes next Fall (2023).
  1. English courses: If you have successfully applied for both the English course exemptions and the “Online English Program” exemption (, you are done with the Language requirements.
  2. Student Service Education:
  3. Physical Education: Fitness is a prerequisite to taking all other PE courses, and all Fitness courses are pre-assigned. If you wish to add this course, please email the course instructor to ask for availability. The course instructor has the liberty to enroll you in the class according to the class size. If he/she agrees to take you in that class, he/she will give you the course-adding permission number to add the course via the Course Selection System by the end of the 2nd week.
  4. Course Selection Videos:
    Course Selection (Part 1):
    Course Selection (Part 2):
    Undergraduate Programs (Civil Engineering 101):
  1. Add a course after the semester starts: If you want to enroll in a course that has not yet being added to your course timetable, please go to the first day of class, ask the instructor for the course-adding permission number, and add the course via Course Selection System. The course instructor has the liberty to enroll you in the class according to the class size.
  2. Study Resources – CTLD: The Center for Teaching and Learning Development (教學發展中心, CTLD) hires tutors to provide tutoring services for students in need to deal with problems encountered in basic subjects, such as Calculus, Statistics, General Physics, etc. Check & make the online reservation at
  3. NTUCE Student Association:

Graduate Affairs

  1. Student Manuals: For graduation requirements of each division, please refer to our Student Manual at (scroll down).
  2. Selection of Courses: Please contact & discuss with your advisor what courses to take before registering online for the courses.

After Graduating from NTU

  1. ARC: Once you graduate from NTU, your ARC (on which, the purpose of stay is “Study at NTU”) will be cancelled within 2 weeks. However, if you wish to find a full-time job, internship, or apply for other VISAs to remain in Taiwan, you may apply for a 6-month ARC extension twice (for a total length of one year). All you need to do is to take your NTU diploma to the National Immigration Office and apply for the ARC extension.
  2. Work in Taiwan after graduating from NTU: Please read “Overseas Chinese or Foreign Student Graduated in the R.O.C. to Work in Taiwan” from the WorkForce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, for further information.

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