Internship Abroad Program

NTUCE not only has a close-knit network with the government, academic, and industries in Taiwan to establishing a multilateral platform and promoting crossover collaboration but also has great partners worldwide to strive for the benefit of civil engineering developments and connect NTUCE with foreign local industries.

Internship Abroad program is one of NTUCE’s means to reach the world and to provide opportunities to students with short-term global engineering experiences. Vacancies, guidelines, and funding will be announced once any program is formed.

Previous Internships &
Experience Sharing

Vietnam Internship Program 2019 /2020

In cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, 7 NTUCE undergraduate and graduate students were arranged to participate in projects in General Contractor or Design/Consultant Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for 2 weeks (between December 29, 2019-January 11, 2020). Participants would pay for the air tickets, accommodation, and meals first and apply for reimbursement after returning from Vietnam.

Reports & Video:

1. PHAN, Quang Dung 藩光勇 (pdf) (Video)
2. NGUYEN, Trung Kien 阮中堅 (pdf) (Video)
3. LIN, Yu-Cheng 林昱成 (pdf) (Video)
4. DAO, Thuy Ninh 陶垂寧 (pdf) (Video)
5. Alvin Setiawan HARYONO 傅國安 (pdf) (Video)
6. CHEN, Kun-Yi 陳錕鎰 (pdf) (Video)
7. PHAM, Dinh Hai 范廷海 (pdf)

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