2022 CE Job Fair #1: Working as a foreigner in Taiwan (2022.03.21)

To prepare students for the job market, our Department is launching a series of Job Fair workshops, in which some international CE alumni who are now working in […]

2021/2022 International Student Gathering

Dear international students and professors, You are invited to the 2021/2022 International Student Gathering. Time: Tuesday, December 14, 2021, from 12:30 to 14:00 Venue: 7th Floor, NCREE Building (National […]

NTUCE 2022-2023 Study Abroad Info Session (2021.11.23)

If you are interested in going abroad as an exchange student or if you are thinking of pursuing a dual/joint degree from our partner university, please join us […]

【Invitation】 CE Friends Program

Hello! We are members of the Civil Engineering International Student Association (CE-ISA). We are pleased to invite you to join the CE Friends program, which will […]