Spring 2022 Civil Engineering Capstone Challenge

Spring 2022 Civil Engineering Capstone Challenge

In next semester, there will be five Capstone courses. All of them are friendly to non-Chinese speaking students. Among these five, the one that Prof. Yu-Ting Hsu and Prof. Jiing-Yun You conduct will be offered in English.

Students interested in these courses can fill the google form to sign-up for the courses. Also, students can form an at-most-four-member team to sign-up, and have to write down the fluency of Chinese and English of all member in their team (Go see the form, and you will know).

Please fill the form by January 24th 12PM. The result will come out on January 26th.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact TA Yu-Jun Oscar HUANG (email address: yjh1234@ntu.edu.tw)


Published Date : 2022-01-10