Same-Study-Level Degree Program

International Dual/Joint Degree Programs, whether in the university-level, college-level, or department-level, are mutual cooperation with partner universities that agree to send degree-seeking students abroad and receive degree-seeking stu-dents from partner universities bilaterally and allow enrolled students to achieve two university degrees within the study period for the approved degree.

Students studying at home institution for at least one semester are able to partic-ipate the program. Upon successful completion of the curriculum requirements of both institutions, students will be conferred with two diplomas simultaneously.

3+2 Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Program

Bachelor students who wish to join the 3+2 Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Program will study at NTU for 3 years and do the 4th year abroad. After fulfilling NTU’s graduation requirements, the student will get NTU’s bachelor diploma to continue on with the 2nd year study abroad. Upon fulfilling partner university’s Master de-gree’s graduation requirements, the student will get a Master diploma from that university.

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