Fall 2022 Capstone Course Announcement / 111-1 Capstone 課程資訊公告

Fall 2022 Capstone Course Announcement / 111-1 Capstone 課程資訊公告

(Chinese version follows the English one. 中文版在後。)

Detailed design and construction planning of a wood structure for Treasure Hill
(Capstone Course)

Co-instructors: Masatoshi Tomita, Szumien Mu, Ming-Yuan Liang and Hervé Capart.
Schedule: Wednesday A,B,C (18:25-21:05) + construction workshop during the winter break (dates to be announced).

This Fall semester 2022, students interested in wood structure design and construction are invited to enroll in a capstone course devoted to a wood structure project. For this project, preliminary designs were developed by students last semester, and the goal will be to develop these designs for actual construction. Working individually and in teams, participating students will pursue the following tasks:
1) Starting from the preliminary designs, develop improved designs for one or two small buildings.
2) Evolve the designs to take into account user needs, site constraints, and budget limitations.
3) Conduct structural checks using both scale model tests and structural analysis software.
4) Complete the detailed design of all building components.
5) Prepare plans for the fabrication of building components and their site assembly.
If the designs are sufficiently complete and the necessary budget can be secured, our goal will be to fabricate and build the structure during the winter break, during a two-week workshop that will also include the participation of local people.

To sign up: Interested students are invited to sign up for the course by sending an email to Prof. Capart (hcapart@yahoo.com), with the following information: Name, Student ID, Phone number, Email address. Students in their third year or above who sign up before 2022/8/31 will have priority.



授課老師 : 冨田匡俊、慕思勉、梁明垣、卡艾瑋
時間 : 星期三 A,B,C (18:25-21:05) + 寒假期間之工作營 (dates to be announced)

2022學年的上學期,我們邀請對木構造設計及施工感興趣的學生參與針對木結構取向的Capstone課程。本課程的初步設計(preliminary design) 由前一學期慕思勉老師所帶領之建築設計()程的學生所完成,本學期的目標為將此設計案推向實際施工的完成。參與之學生將不僅獨立工作、且與團隊合作,完成下述任務 :
1) 以初步設計為起點,進行一到兩座小型建築的改進設計。
2) 深化設計,需考量用戶需求、現地之限制並符合預算上限。
3) 使用縮尺模型之結構試驗與結構分析軟體進行結構上的確認。
4) 完成所有建築構件的細部設計。
5) 準備建築構件的製造及其現場組裝計劃。

課程登記 : 感興趣的同學請向卡艾瑋教授 (hcapart@yahoo.com發送電子郵件以登記本課程,並附上以下信息:姓名、學生證號碼、連絡電話與電子郵件地址。以於2022/8/31 前報名的大三及以上同學優先。



Published Date : 2022-08-25