Travel Abroad Declaration and Application (110-2/2022 Spring Semester)

Travel Abroad Declaration and Application (110-2/2022 Spring Semester)

【Amended on June 7, 2022】

Dear all,

Hope you have already received the updates either from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) or the Overseas Students Advising Division, Office of Student Affairs. Starting from today, you are no longer required to submit the Travel Abroad Declaration Form if you are to leave Taiwan during the Summer time this year.

The NTUOIA’s message is attached below for easy reference.

Wish you a great Summer time!


*** The Chinese version follows English one/此信為中英對照 ***


Dear Students,

 Greetings from NTUOIA.

As Taiwan government is loosening epidemic prevention measures, starting from today, we will not require Travel Abroad Declaration Form from you before you leave Taiwan. If you will travel abroad during this summer vacation, please refer to the following procedures that you need to complete and other important information regarding your travel:

1. Report your schedule back to Taiwan at least 2 weeks before
Please fill out the “Taiwan Entry Quarantine Regulations and Vaccine Status Form” ( in at least 2 weeks before your return to Taiwan.

2. Make sure you have a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) when you return
Please make sure you hold a valid ARC before returning to Taiwan. If you do not hold a valid ARC, please inform us at least 2 months before your departure to Taiwan. OIA must report to MOE about your entry in order for you to apply for visa and entry permit. 

3. Keep tracking Taiwan Entry Quarantine Regulations
Please note that the regulation for foreign nationals entering Taiwan announced by CDC may be adjusted according to the situation of COVID-19. For the latest information, please refer to the CDC website :

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Best Regards,





請於至少返臺2週前完成「入境臺灣檢疫規定及疫苗施打調查表: (








Dear International & Overseas Chinese Students,

If you are to travel abroad during the Summer vacation, though not recommended during the pandemic period, you are required to fill up the Travel Abroad Declaration and Application Form, ask for approvals, and submit the request to relevant offices according to your NTU status. Instead of a signed consent, all signatures can be electronic and professors’ approvals could be an email message, too.

For International Degree Students:

The form can be found in the attachment. Please be sure to check the 2 boxes within the “Travel purpose declaration” section before asking the following persons to sign the form, in chronological order:

Student Housing Service Division (Ms. Cheng at [Note: Your dorm Resident Director cannot sign for you.])  → your Advising-Professor → Department Head (Prof. Hsieh at → Office of International Affairs (For NTUCE international students- Ms. Theodore at

Please copy Whyin ( / Rachel ( on your emails to the professors, so we can jump in to help in case anyone needs our assistance.

For Overseas Chinese Students:

Find your form at
English: Entry & Exit Regulations for Overseas Chinese Students
English: Entry & Exit Regulations for Mainland Chinese Students

Please ask the following persons to sign the form, in chronological order: your advising-professor → Department Head (Prof. Hsieh at → Dean of College of Engineering (via Ms. Tang at → Office of Student Affairs according to your nationality (see below)

Overseas Students Advising Division, Office of Student Affairs:

Indonesia & Myanmar:            Ms. Liang (
Malaysia:                                 Mr. Chen (
Mainland China:                      Ms. Huang (
Hong Kong, Macau & others:  Ms. Wu (

Please copy Whyin ( / Rachel ( on your emails to the professors, so we can jump in to help in case anyone needs our assistance.

Make sure your ARC will still be valid before coming back to Taiwan. Have a great and safe trip home!


Travel Abroad Declaration and Application Form-for International Degree Students-20220506

Published Date : 2022-06-02