Surveying and
Geospatial Engineering

All courses could be conducted in English if a single international student is present.

Course Title Credit(s) Curriculum
CIE7091  數值攝影測量
Digital Photogrammetry
3 521EM6410 Elective Taught in English
CIE7093  測量專題討論
Seminar on Surveying
1 521 M6430 Required
CIE7152  空間資訊平差處理與分析
Adjustment and Analysis of Spatial Information
3 521 M7410 Elective Recommended for Senior and higher years of students. Prerequisites: Surveying (I), Engineering Mathmatics (I) & (II).
CIE5095  地理資訊系統概論
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
3 521 U3850 Elective
CIE8999  博士論文
Dissertation (Ph.D.)
0 521 D0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7999  碩士論文
Thesis (M.S.)
0 521 M0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7092  攝影測量特論
Special Topic in Photogrammetry
3 521EM6420 Elective Taught in English
CIE7123  遙感探測
Remote Sensing
3 521 M7100 Elective
CIE7140  衛星大地測量學
Satellite Geodesy
3 521 M7280 Elective
CIE7144  衛星大地測量學特論
Special Topic in Satellite Geodesy
3 521EM7320 Elective Taught in English
CIE5087  測量及空間資訊概論
Introduction to Surveying and Geomatics
3 521 U3830 Elective
CIE5129  VR/AR實境技術之原理及土木工程之應用
AR/VR techniques and their applications in civil engineering
3 521 U9190 Elective Prerequisites: 1. Undergraduate Engineering Mathmatics, 2. any Programming Languages.
CIE5130  攝影測量與電腦視覺之入門與應用
Photogrammetry and Computer Vision
3 521 U9200 Elective