Structural Engineering Courses

All courses could be conducted in English if a single international student is present.

Course Title Credits Curriculum
CIE8999  博士論文
Dissertation (Ph.D.) 
0 521 D0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7999  碩士論文
Thesis (M.S.) 
0 521 M0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7016  結構動力學
Structural Dynamics 
3 521EM1200 Elective Taught in English
CIE7024  高等結構學
Advanced Structural Theory 
3 521EM1870 Elective Taught in English
CIE7071  結構力學專題討論
Seminar in Structural Mechanics 
1 521 M6200 Required
CIE7110  學術英文寫作
Academic English Writing
3 521EM6630 Elective Taught in English
CIE7142  鋼筋混凝土結構行為學
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Structure 
3 521EM7300 Elective Taught in English
CIE7167  訊號處理與頻譜分析
Signal Processing and Spectral Analysis
3 521 M7560 Elective
CIE7170  高等混凝土學
Advanced Concrete Theory 
3 521 M7590 Elective
CIE7171  結構塑性設計與分析
Plastic Analysis and Design 
3 521EM7600 Elective Taught in English
CIE5005  彈性力學一
Theory of Elasticity (Ⅰ) 
3 521 U0100 Elective
CIE5132  基礎複合材料設計與實作
Fundamental Design and Manufacture of Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (FRP) Composites 
3 521 U9220 Elective For students in the Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Ph.D. years of study. Class materials, assignments, and exams will be given in English. Lectures can be explained in Chinese.
CIE7015  塑性力學
Theory of Plasticity
3 521 M1160 Elective
CIE7017  有限元素法
Method of Finite Elements 
3 521EM1210 Elective Taught in English
CIE7098  結構控制一
Structural Control (Ⅰ) 
3 521EM6480 Elective Taught in English
CIE7131  鋼結構耐震設計
Seismic Design of Steel Structures
3 521EM7180 Elective Taught in English
CIE5124  天空教室:全球化專案團隊
Sky Classroom: Global Team Project
3 521EU9150 Elective Taught in English
BP5014  建築結構行為與系統
Behavior and System of Architectural Structure 
3 544 U1770 Elective F-Level Couse (Topical Compulsory Course); one of the elective courses in the Undergraduate Architectural Engineering Area.
CIE7138  結構耐震分析
Seismic Analysis and Design of Structures 
3 521EM7260 Elective Taught in English
CIE7159  複合材料與結構
Composite Materials and Structures 
3 521 M7480 Elective Recommended for Senior and higher years of students.
CIE5025  結構安全及可靠度分析
Structural Safety and Reliability Analysis 
3 521 U3120 Elective
CIE7143  智慧型結構系統
Smart Structural System 
3 521 M7310 Elective
CIE5003  工程數學四
Engineering Mathematics (Ⅳ) 
3 521 U0060 Elective Prerequisites: Engineering Mathematics (I), Engineering Mathematics (II)
CIE5002  工程數學三
Engineering Mathematics (Ⅲ) 
3 521 U0050 Elective
CIE7207  橋梁工程
Bridge Engineering 
3 521 M6600 Elective
CIE5121  電腦模擬與計算材料力學
Computational modeling for mechanics of materials 
3 521 U9120 Elective