Spring 2022 Keystone & Wooden Structure Design Course Information

Spring 2022 Keystone & Wooden Structure Design Course Information

This coming Spring 2022 semester, second year and above Civil Engineering students interested in hands-on projects are invited to enroll in the following three optional courses, called Keystone C (2 credits), Keystone D (2 credits) and Wooden Structure Design (3 credits). Each course includes a collaborative workshop with another university (National Chung-Hsing University Dept of Soil and Water Conservation, National Cheng-Kung University Dept of Architecture, and Shih-Chien University Dept of Architecture respectively). 

Keystone D and Wooden Structure design are design-build projects, while Keystone C is an experimental research project. Keystone D and Wooden Structure will be partly run in English as needed for international students. Keystone C also welcomes international students, but will be run in Chinese. The three projects are described in detail in the attached.

**You can see that these three courses are partly overlapped by one another, so it’s not possible to take these three at the same time. But, if you’re capable, you can take Keystone D and Wooden Structure Design together. They are coincidentally not colliding each other.

To sign up
To sign up for Keystone C or D, please click the following link and fill the sign-up form preferably before January 24. If any question, you can contact Yu-Jun, Oscar, Huang (黃榆峻) (yjh1234@ntu.edu.tw) or Prof. H. Capart himself (hcapart@yahoo.com). Students who sign up before January 24, 2022 12PM will have priority in case the maximum enrollment is exceeded.

Sign-up form for Keystone C and D: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1JD_28GmNrQvdXSHZoNZsHTlKLZBKSVHbkTiI2uFtLxb7cQ/viewform

To sign up for Wooden Structure Design, students can register via the NTU online registration system. For questions, please contact Prof. Herve Capart via email (hcapart@yahoo.com).




Published Date : 2022-01-12