Reminders for 2021 Spring Semester Graduating Master’s & PhD Students

Reminders for 2021 Spring Semester Graduating Master’s & PhD Students

Dear NTUCE 2021 Spring Semester Graduating Master’s & PhD Students,

In compliance with the Ministry of Education’s policy during this epidemic prevention period, NTU Office of Academic Affairs has extended the thesis submission deadline to November 1, 2021 for the Spring Semester 2021 If students complete their defense & submit the thesis by November 1, 2021, students are not liable for the Fall Semester 2021 tuition and fees. As such these Graduate students may face issues as listed below (not an exhaustive list):

    1. ARC Extension (Spring Semester 2021 Certificate of Enrollment):
      If students need to extend their ARC validity date, NTUCE graduate students can email the Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate Academic Affairs DivisionMs. LAI Yen-Chun <> with a copy of your NTU ID (front & back) for the Spring Semester 2021 Certificate of Enrollment (109-2學期「在學證明」).
    2. NTU On-Campus Dormitory (Dorm Withdrawal Date):
      Students who have stayed in the dormitory for less than the maximum occupancy period (Master’s: 4 years; PhD: 7 years, from the year of program entry) can continue to stay till completion of their defense process & application to leave school.

      If students foresee a need to stay from the month of September 2021 onwards, they will need to pay for an additional full semester’s accommodation fees. Unstayed duration (weekly prorated) will be refunded. Students should approach their respective Resident Director to request the bill.

      2nd last step of the “Application to Leave School” procedure is to complete the “Application for dorm withdrawal”. Upon completing the “Application for dorm withdrawal” process, you will have up to 7 days to clear the room & return the key(s).

    3. Insurances (National Health Insurance & Group Medical Insurance):
      3-1. Extend National Health Insurance Coverage (per month)
      Please make sure your ARC is valid before requesting the bill from either our Office of International Affairs or your District Office. In view of the uncertain COVID situation, please email or call the office to enquire if their walk-in counter is open before making a trip.

      3-2. Extend Group Medical Insurance Coverage (per semester)
      2021 Spring (109-2學期) Semester coverage will expire on 31/July/2021 but students can have the same coverage for the 2021 Fall semester. The insurance claim process is as stated (in Chinese only) on Please contact our Office of Student Affairs, Student Assistance Division for the 2021 Fall semester retroactive bill.

    4. Work Permit (Spring 2021 Semester Certificate of Enrollment):
      Students’ work permit will expire on 30/Sept/2021. We are still checking with relevant offices for the renewal of work permit after the expiry date.

Please contact Ms. Rachel OH ( or Ms. Whyin CHEN (, should there be any other questions. 

Published Date : 2021-07-06