Hydraulic Engineering Courses

All courses could be conducted in English if a single international student is present.

Course Title Credit(s) Curriculum
CIE8999  博士論文
Dissertation (Ph.D.) 
0 521 D0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7999  碩士論文
Thesis (M.S.) 
0 521 M0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE8008  水力學特論
Sepcial Topics in Hydraulics 
3 521 D2320 Elective
CIE8012  輸砂特論
Special Topics in Sediment Transport 
3 521 D2420 Elective
CIE8018  水理學特論
Special Topics in Hydraulics 
3 521 D3560 Elective
CIE8026  類神經網路於水文系統之建構與應用
Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrology
3 521 D4030 Elective
CIE7001  水利工程專題討論
Seminar in Water Resources Engineering 
1 521 M0040 Required
CIE7031  非黏性流體力學
Inviscid Flow Theory 
3 521 M2280 Elective
CIE7033  高等水文分析
Advanced Hydrologic Analysis 
3 521 M2410 Required Prerequisites: Hydrology, Engineering Statistic. Chinese-Taught Course, using handouts in Chinese and reference books in English. Taught in English in Fall 2019
CIE7202  學術英文論文寫作與發表
Academic Writing in English
3 521 M5260 Required Not open for pre-registration in the course selection period. Restricted to students in the Hydraulic Engineering Division.
CIE7166  地貌水力學
Geomorphological Hydraulics 
3 521 M7550 Elective
CIE5010  中等流體力學
Intermediate Fluid Mechanics 
3 521 U0290 Elective Restricted to students in the Hydraulic Engineering Division and Civil Engineering undergraduate program.
CIE7026  水質模擬
Water Quality Simulation 
3 521 M1940 Elective
CIE7032  黏性流體力學
Viscous Flow Theory
3 521 M2290 Elective
CIE7188  隨機微積分
Stochastic Calculus
3 521 M5720 Elective
CIE5011  明渠水力學
Open-channel Hydraulics 
3 521 U0570 Required
CIE5106  水資源工程
Water Resources Engineering 
3 521 U9000 Required One of the elective courses in the Undergraduate Civil Engineering Area.
CIE5113  水利法理論與實務
Theory and Practical Issues of the Water Act 
3 521 U9030 Elective
CIE7040  水資源系統分析
Water Resources System Analysis 
3 521EM3890 Elective Taught in English
CIE7101  粒子流動影像分析
Particle Flow Imaging
3 521 M6510 Elective
CIE7161  生態水利學概論
Introduction to Eco-hydraulics and Eco-hydrology
3 521 M7500 Elective
CIE5114  國際水法與比較水法
International Water Law and Comparative Water Law
3 521 U9040 Elective Preferred to have taken “Theory and Practical Issues of the Water Act” as prerequisite.
CIE8019  重力水波學
Gravity Water Waves 
3 521 D3950 Elective
CIE7156  隨機過程與不確定性分析
Stochastic Processes and Uncertainty Analysis 
3 521EM7450 Elective Taught in English
CIE5100  災害管理 – 政策與實務
Disaster Management – Policies and Practices
3 521 U8730 Elective
CIE7018  河川水力學
Fluvial Hydraulics 
3 521 M1360 Elective
CIE5026 計算水力學
Computational Hydraulics 
3 521 U3150 Elective
CIE7065  水利工程特論一
Special Topic on Hydraulic Engineering (Ⅰ) 
3 521 M6090 Elective
CIE7147  固液互動之實驗與理論分析
Analysis of Fluid Flow and Immersed Solid Body Motions 
3 521 M7350 Elective
CIE7182  土石流模擬與監測
Introduction to Debris Flow Simulation and Monitoring 
3 521 M7640 Elective
CIE5126  水利工程實務
The Practice of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering 
3 521 U8980 Elective
CIE7083  地下水
3 521 M6320 Elective
CIE7205  工程數值與數學方法
Numerical and mathematical methods in engineering 
3 521 M7390 Elective
CIE7048 水文統計
Statistical Methods in Hydrology
3 521 M5690 Elective