Geotechnical Engineering

All courses could be conducted in English if a single international student is present.

Course Title Credit(s) Curriculum
CIE8999  博士論文
Dissertation (Ph.D.) 
0 521 D0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7999  碩士論文
Thesis (M.S.)
0 521 M0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7003  大地工程專題討論
Seminar on Geotechnical Engineering 
2 521 M0180 Required Taught in English
CIE7022  隧道工程
Tunnel Engineering 
3 521 M1730 Elective
CIE7190  大地材料組成律模式
Constitutive Law of Geomaterials 
3 521EM5290 Elective Taught in English
CIE5013  中等土壤力學
Intermediate Soil Mechanics 
3 521EU0600 Elective Taught in English
CIE5014  土壤動力學
Soil Dynamics and Foundation Vibration 
3 521EU0620 Elective Taught in English
CIE5072  高等工程地質學
Advanced Engineering Geology 
3 521 U8740 Elective
CIE7030  大地地震工程
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 
3 521EM2210 Elective Taught in English
CIE7043  邊坡穩定
Slope Stability 
3 521EM5590 Elective Taught in English
CIE7208 基礎設計與分析
Foundation Design and Analysis 
3 521 M3700 Elective Taught in English
CIE5034  岩石力學
Rock Mechanics
3 521EU3270 Elective Taught in English
CIE5102  岩石邊坡工程
Rock Slope Engineering 
3 521 U3860 Elective
CIE5073  大地工程可靠度分析與設計
Geotechnical Reliability Analysis and Reliability-based Design 
3 521 U8750 Elective F-Level Course (Topical Compulsory Course)
CIE5115  大地工程實務
Geotechnical Engineering Practice 
3 521 U9050 Elective
CIE7029  土壤組成模式
Constitutive Law of Soil 
3 521 M2200 Elective
CIE5048  地工合成材料之應用
Application of Geosyntnetics 
3 521 EU3610 Elective Taught in English
CIE5136 深開挖設計與分析
Deep Excavation Analysis and Design
3 521 U9250 Elective Taught in English