Application of CE Quarantine Fund 土木系居家檢疫補助申請

Application of CE Quarantine Fund 土木系居家檢疫補助申請

(中文版在後。Chinese version follows the English one.)


The Civil Engineering Quarantine Fund will be open for application from November 2 to December 16, 2020.

Eligible to Newly admitted CE international and Overseas students who:
1.are permitted to enter Taiwan,
2.have started the studies from Fall Semester 2020, and
3.finished quarantine required by the government

Required Documents:
1.The attached Application Form
2.A photocopy of the Hotel receipt. Note down your entry date to Taiwan.
3.A photocopy of your ARC or Entry Permit
4.A photocopy of the cover of your passbook

The above-mentioned documents are to be submitted to Ms. Huai-Yin (Whyin) CHEN, international affairs coordinator of the Department, at CE 209. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please be reminded that there are 3 kinds of Quarantine Subsidies that you might be able to apply. If your want to apply for 2 other subsidies, you need to file the applications by yourselves.

Titles of Subsidies Issuing Office Application Method
1 CE Quarantine Fund Department of Civil Engineering Application to be submitted to Ms. Huai-Yin (Whyin) CHEN (at CE 209), from November 2 to December 16, 2020.
2 NTU Quarantine Subsidies for International Students NTU Office of International Affairs Application to be submitted according to OIA’s announcement; proof of low-income household is required.
3 Quarantine/Isolation Subjects Compensation for Epidemic Prevention Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan Online Application:

If you are not going to apply for the CE Quarantine Fund, kindly write a note to Whyin ( to help clarify: (1) you decide not to join us from this semester, (2) you are new but not from abroad, or (3) you will not apply for the fund. Thank you!


Application Form of the NTUCE Quarantine Fund 2020.10.25-FINAL








補助 補助單位 申請方式
1 土木系居家檢疫補助 土木系 申請資料於2020年11月2日至12月16日間繳交給本系國際事務人員陳懷茵(土木館209室)。
2 臺大居家檢疫補助 臺大國際處 申請資料依國際處公告繳交;須檢附清寒證明
3 隔離檢疫者檢疫補償申請 政府(衛生福利部)補助 線上申請:

若你沒有要申請本系居家檢疫補助,請協助懷茵(釐清原因:(1)你決定不在這學期加入我們;(2) 你是新生,但原先就在臺灣;或是(3)你不打算申請補助。謝謝!



Posted Date : 2020-10-26