【Invitation】 CE Friends Program

【Invitation】 CE Friends Program


We are members of the Civil Engineering International Student Association (CE-ISA). We are pleased to invite you to join the CE Friends program, which will be mainly focused on exchanging languages & cultures and helping upcoming new students to adopt to their study lives in Taiwan.

If you are interested in making new CE friends across the world, please sign up according to your status, before September 5, 2021:
Buddy (interested in becoming a helper): https://forms.gle/b3q7pBHqRDGi2s8b7
New CE int’l students (Bachelor+Master’s+Ph.D.): https://forms.gle/p4RDWtqkAy8JGAcC6

We will inform you of your buddy’s name(s) and contact information as soon as we can.

** Most Important part : ) **
All “Buddy” participants will get 1 credit on the Service-Learning course based on the peer evaluation form.

For further information, feel free to contact Hung Ho Tin (Isaac) at b08501134@ntu.edu.tw

Published Date : 2021-08-28