【Forwarded Message】Updated Epidemic Prevention Measures Effective from December 1, 2022|12月1日起本校防疫相關措施

【Forwarded Message】Updated Epidemic Prevention Measures Effective from December 1, 2022|12月1日起本校防疫相關措施

Message forwarded from the NTU Epidemic Prevention Team (2022.12.02)
**Chinese version follows the English version. 中文版在後。**


Dear NTU colleagues and students,

In accordance with the latest pandemic prevention regulations announced by Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and Ministry of Education (MOE), the University updated the pandemic prevention measures on campus as follows, effective from December 1.

The requirement that people need to wear a mask at all times outdoors has been canceled. However, masks should be worn on mass transportation (including the NTU school bus). In addition, please follow the mask-wearing rules announced by CECC and MOE for outdoor, large-scale year-end/New Year’s Eve countdown events.

Masks are still required if respiratory symptoms are present and social distancing with unknown persons cannot be maintained.

People do not need to wear a mask indoors in the following situations, but they should carry one with them or have one ready for use, and keep masks on before and after the following situations:
(1) When exercising, singing, taking individual/group photos, dining or drinking;
(2) When livestreaming, filming, moderating an event, reporting, delivering remarks, giving a speech, lecturing, or during activities or events involving conversations with others;
(3) When singing, dancing, or playing an instrument;

Sincerely yours,
NTU Epidemic Prevention Team





  1. 室外空間(室外場所)得免配戴口罩,惟搭乘大眾交通工具(含本校交通車)仍應配戴口罩。此外,如辦理歲末、跨年大型室外活動之口罩規定,請依中央流行疫情指揮中心和教育部最新公告辦理。
  2. 如本身有呼吸道症狀、或與不特定對象無法保持社交距離時,建議仍請配戴口罩。
  3. 室內空間(室內場所)應全程佩戴口罩,但如屬 (1) 從事運動、唱歌、拍攝個人/團體照、用餐、飲水時 (2) 直播、錄影、主持、報導、致詞、演講、講課等談話性質工作或活動之正式拍攝時 (3) 進行歌唱、舞蹈或吹奏時,得免配戴口罩,但應隨身攜帶或準備口罩,且於上述活動開始前及結束後,仍須配戴口罩。

國立臺灣大學防疫小組 敬上

Published Date : 2022-12-02