【Company Visits】 Yangmei Concrete Precast Factory & Dongshan Cement Plant

【Company Visits】 Yangmei Concrete Precast Factory & Dongshan Cement Plant

The Department is organizing 2 company visits, free of charge, on 2 Saturdays next month. Every CE member (student/faculty/staff, etc.) is welcome to join the trip(s). Attached please find the detailed itineraries.


12.12 (Sat.) Company Yangmei Concrete Precast Factory


Cultural Daxi Old Street


Sample itineraries for your reference:



12.19 (Sat.) Company Dongshan Cement Plant


Cultural Lanyang Museum




Main language used during the visits: English

Quota: 50 people/trip (First come, first served.)

What to bring: your own surgical mask (Hard hat will be provided by the Companies.)

To ensure your spot, please sign up at https://forms.gle/MSEAqheq3YB59uWv6 by 10 am, Monday, December 7, 2020.

Basically, we will put you in both visits if you choose to join both company visits. However, if there are too many people who sign up for the visits, please understand, you might be put to one of the visits of your choice only. The list of participants will be announced in the evening of December 7.

Company Visit 1 – 2020.12.12 楊梅預鑄場 Precast Factory
Company Visit 2 -2020.12.19 冬山水泥廠 Cement Plant

Published Date : 2020-11-30