【Buddy Program Invitation 2】 玉來玉愛你!(Yu Lai Yu Ai Ni)

【Buddy Program Invitation 2】 玉來玉愛你!(Yu Lai Yu Ai Ni)

(Chinese Version follows the English one. 中文版在英文版之後。)

CE Buddy Program Group 2
Event: 玉來玉愛你!(Yu Lai Yu Ai Ni)
Date: 2020/11/24 (Tue)
Time: 19:00~21:00
Place: Classroom 320, Department of CE

It has been a while since the semester started, and every day is full of quizzes and courses. Finally, the midterms have come to an end! In this bleak and cold winter, we kindly offer some special Taiwanese desserts for you. May the warmth be with you, and have a chance to be acquainted with traditional desserts from Taiwanese culture.

We sincerely invite you to join us to make a DIY delicious dessert—Ai Yu! This is a great chance to know Taiwanese culture by washing Ai Yu Jelly yourself. During the activity, feel free to chat and have a great time with your partners and us. Do feel free to invite your international friends in the CE department! (If you do, we would appreciate it a lot. Don’t forget to fill the form to sign up.)

Let us bring the joy to you, and wish that you have a wonderful time in this activity. In the meantime, have a better understanding of Taiwanese culture. We look forward to the day having delightful time with you!

Sign up:
Please sign up before 22nd, November



服務學習三 國際學伴活動
日期:2020年11月24日 星期二






Posted Date : 2020-11-18