Transportation Engineering

All courses could be conducted in English if a single international student is present.

Course Title Credit(s) Curriculum
CIE8999  博士論文
Dissertation (Ph.D.) 
0 521 D0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7999 碩士論文
Thesis (M.S.)
0 521 M0010 Required Could be conducted in English
CIE7009 運輸工程專題討論
Seminar on Transportation Engineering
1 521 M0320 Required
CIE7010  交通安全設計與分析
Traffic Safety Design and Analysis 
3 521 M1030 Elective
CIE7021  都市運輸規劃
Urban Transportation Planning
3 521EM1550 Elective Taught in English
CIE7196  運輸最佳化模式與方法
Optimization Models and Methods for Transportation 
3 521 M5190 Elective
CIE7200  綠色交通與永續發展
Green Mobility and Sustainable Development 
3 521 M5250 Elective Taught in English
CIE5015  作業研究
Operation Research 
3 521EU0690 Elective Taught in English
CIE5029  物件導向程式語言
Object-oriented Programming 
3 521 U3190 Elective F-Level course (Topical Compulsory Course). Taught in Chinese, with class materials in English. Prerequisite: Programming Language.
CIE5075  軌道運輸學
Railroad Transportation Engineering 
3 521EU8770 Elective Taught in English
CIE5101  輕軌運輸系統工程
Light Rail Transit System Engineering 
3 521 U8930 Elective
CIE8017  運輸經濟特論
Special Topics in Transportation Economics 
3 521 D3440 Elective
CIE7204  運輸工程特論
Special Topics in Transportation Engineering
3 521 M5280 Elective
CIE7053  車流理論與應用
Traffic Flow Theory and Application 
3 521 M5810 Elective
CIE7151  運輸系統的創新管理
Managing Transportation System Innovation 
3 521 M7400 Elective
CIE5058  軌道工程
Track Engineering 
3 521 U3710 Required
CIE5079  高速鐵路工程
High Speed Rail Engineeriing 
3 521 U8810 Required
CIE5104  旅行者行為分析
Traveler Behavior Analysis
3 521EU8850 Elective Taught in English
CIE7068  鋪面設計與管理
Pavement Design and Management
3 521EM6140 Elective Taught in English
CIE5033  瀝青混凝土及配合設計
Asphalt Concrete and the Mix Design 
3 521 U3260 Elective
CIE5088  軌道營運與管理
Railway Operations and Management 
3 521 U3840 Required
CIE5083  捷運系統工程
Mass Rapid Transit System Engineering
3 521 U8910 Required
CIE7051  鋪面設計理論
Theory of Pavement Design 
3 521EM5770 Elective Taught in English
CIE5032  交通工程學
Traffic Engineering 
3 521 U3250 Elective
CIE5096  災難管理與土木工程
Disaster Management and Civil Engineering
3 521EU3420 Elective Taught in English
CIE7058  交通導引控制理論
Theory of Traffic Guidance Control
3 521EM5940 Elective Taught in English
CIE7020 運輸經濟
Transportation Economics
3 521 M1530 Elective Taught in English