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NTUCE Student Association:

We not just focus on academics but also on good friendships and cooperating. Student Association of Civil Department holds on a lot of activities like having BBQ in Moon Festival and eating tang yuan in Winter solstice to bring everyone together. We encourage all to visit us and consider joining the SA family at NTUCE.

NTU Campus Library:

The National Taiwan University Library was established in March of 1928. On November 14, 1998, the new General Library Building opened for use. In the past, personnel and resources were dispersed to different locations throughout the campus. The new building consolidates the collection, providing users with a convenient central location, a diverse array of resources and more professional, efficient services.

NTU Computer and Information Networking Center:

The C&INC provides innovative, safe, convenient, and high-quality computing and networking environments for the NTU community with the goal of upgrading the quality of teaching, research, and service. Also offering services regarding Software Downloads, Campus and Dormitory Wireless Networks, Computer Classrooms, printing centers and more

NTU Center for Teaching and Learning Development:

The Center’s mission is to enhance NTU’s overall teaching quality by integrating the university’s myriad teaching resources. As a service-oriented unit, the Center is committed to the best support of teaching and learning. It also seeks to create an innovative and lively learning environment for faculty and students by hosting workshops, providing consultations, promoting digital teaching, and conducting research on curriculum reform. The Center also offers TA Certification, Tutoring Services, Study Group Project, Digital Learning Centers and more.

Work Permit:

International Degree Students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on campus or off campus) are required to apply for and obtain the work permit before starting work.
Simple facts:
1.Please note that if you hold a job without applying for the work permit, you may be fined for NT$30,000 to NT$150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.
2.Work Permit Online Application System:
3.Work Permit application fee: 100 NTD. Valid from September 31 to March 31, or from March 31 to September 31.
4.The maximum work hours are 20 hours per week, except during summer and winter vacation.
5.Read before starting to apply for the work permit:



Department level regulations inherent from university level regulations. For further information or details please refer to the link below.

Student Manual:

Our Student Manual is provided in the programs section, for more information please visit the programs section.

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Department of Civil Engineering
National Taiwan University

Tel: +886-2-33664250
Fax: +886-2-23631558
Office:  Room 205, Civil Eng. Building
Add.: Room 205, Civil Engineering Department Building
No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617 Taiwan